Senin, 05 Maret 2012


Something about me, sometimes ineffable, unspeakable, unexpected
Each and everyone will not understand
Peak of the puzzle
Tea leaves, tearfully, end in tabernacle
An addiction, addlebrained addiction
Love story; also occurs in the halls of the mysteries of the heart
Identity, not just an idle talk
Ahead—where I go toward future

Against the powerlessness
Narrate the scramble that I did
Ultimately the episode will come to an end
Gifted, yes I am
Red rose, which grows in the rigid of the reef
Azure, offers million of hope
Hope and expectation for the victory

Wishing me a true love, life, and laugh
Idealism, always maintained
Beads spellings the prayers
Yield firmness in obedient heart
Awake and aware
Nightfall and dawn
In their changes
Namely, in the name of God
Gild the sky with the golden light
Guidance, You are the true guidance
Avidity of the victory
Riding reveries through the labyrinth of life

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